From scratch

Well, I´ve been so long procrastinating this moment that I barely remember when I exactly purchased my brand new sewing machine, but it happened some day last march. Having taken only a two-hour beginner class at Teté´s home), I just sit and looked at my Viking, eyes wide opened during long time, whereas playing around with the manual.  I guess I´m already in love with almost every sewing machine, and like to read reviews and experiences, as well as features in every model. If you are already wondering which one I chose:


Mi Vikinga

Ta da!!! a beautiful Viking-Emerald 118! Nice, isn´t it?

With one-step buttonhole, variable stitch width and length , needle up and down and so on. It doesn´t have any decorative stitch, but I can sew jersey and make invisible hems, as well as overcasting and zig zag stitch.

What can I do with this machine?

What can I do with this machine?

I´ve been reading a lot of blogs to get some inspiration, but I could have been doing so forever, as I´m an introvert and perfectionist one. Until the time has come that  I have realized that if I don´t step forward I will never be able to look back and say, oh yes I DID IT.  Blogging is also something I´m going to begin with at this very first post.

My name is Cristina, I´m spanish, but I will blog in english, for the sewing world is much bigger outside our borders :-). So, please, enjoy any spanglish, feel free to comment (and correct) wathever you feel like- and… let´s have fun!

PS: by the way, how did you begin to sew? was it an “inherited” hability? Which sewing machine did you buy for your begginings?

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