About Me

mailHello there, I´m Cristina. I recently discovered the amazing world of sewing and couture, as well as the infinite possibilities of blogging. I guess I´m hooked in both findings! 🙂

I live in Madrid-Spain (wanna visit?) and like reading, traveling, cooking and skating (the last one with little fortune hihihi).

I also learn german on mondays and can read italian and french(well, I think everybody does with online translators, thanks Saint Internet!)

I will post and sew less than I would like to, as I´m a full time 9-to-19 worker , but I will share with you my progressions. So come walk with me!




12 Responses to About Me

  1. Hi Cristina. Thanks for following my blog. I will enjoy following your blog as I will learn what life in Madrid is like and also be inspired by your sewing.

  2. araneus1 says:

    Love your country. Barcelona is named after one of my ancestors.
    Thank you for the follow, it’s very encouraging.

  3. Elena Knits says:

    Hola Cristina!

    Gracias por seguir mi blog y de esa manera presentarte! Qué alegría encontrar a otra obsesionada con la costura en Madrid. Si algún día quieres ir a ver telitas juntas avísame. Besos

    • cristina says:

      Holaaaaa! qué bien, pues sabes cómo te he encontrado? gracias al Brasilia Dress pattern que me he descargado. He googleado para ver las versiones de la gente y ahí estabas tú. A ver cómo me sale, tengo el blog pelín abandonado, quiero retomarlo, pero es que no me queda tiempo pa ná…ajajaa Lo de las telitas me parece genial, y qué bien que andes por Madrid. 🙂

  4. merche says:

    Hala! Te voy a petar el blog de comentarios! Así que vives en Madrid, que suerrrte! con todas esas tiendas de telas y esas mercerias…Envidia pura! Tenemos bastante en común, además de la costura y el blogeo. Los idiomas, yo estudié alemán e italiano y no me quedó otra que aprender algo de francés y algo de turco por mi antiguo trabajo. Y tu inglés tan estupendo de donde viene? Ah, lo del patinaje tambien, pero desde que me di un porrazo gordo me percaté que igual mi mente quería pero mi cuerpo no estaba de acuerdo en lo de patinar por ahí. En fin. Eso. Encantada de conocerte y de haber encontrado tu blog

    • cristina says:

      Nada, tu peta, peta, que me encanta que me escriban…llevaba bastante tiempo leyéndote y me encanta todo lo que haces, qué dominio! A que te dedicas con tanto idioma, al turismo? Yo el inglés del cole y le Escuela de Idiomas y de un año de au pair en usa y un verano en londres trabajando en un hotel. 🙂

  5. saxsilverain says:

    hi there! just wanna say thank you for following me & i feel honoured to see my blog on your “My Inspiration” list. 🙂 just like you, i also work full time, so i also don’t get to sew as much as i would like to, but it is one of my passions in life. i’m gonna look around your blog too now, can’t wait to see your upcoming sewing projects! cheers to you!

  6. Hi! I have nominated you for the Liebster Award! I feel that you have a lot to share. Looking forward to MORE! Please visit my post for “Liebster Award Nominees” for instructions. Thanks!

  7. Hello Cristina, my name is Desiree’. I like your down to earth style, and your experience making a ham. I have recently joined the wordpress community. I am returning to my own sewing and knitting roots. I inherited an old metal sewing machine from my mother; I mostly sew by hand small projects. I enrolled in a sewing class and the local college and began making my garments out of muslin because I was afraid of messing up the fabric due to being too long away from sewing. The first time I used a serger, I was sewing elastic onto knitted fabric. That was a lot of fun; I found it a lot more simpler than a regular sewing machine, especially when your mom doesn’t want to get her sewing machine cleaned although the thread kept knotting up and breaking. I won out. Thank you for your inspiration.

  8. Hola Cristina,
    Thank you for following my blog! I’m a big fan of Madrid! xx

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