There is always room for a little more…

Yes. that is what I thought this morning when stuffing my home-made taylor´s ham with wood scraps for hamsters bedding. I think I have been more than an hour patiently filling it, making a mess all over the place…

 I could have placed a tray...

I could have placed a tray…

I already had this ham done before, only that I had put rice inside, and besides beeing too heavy I was always afraid of little mosquitoes, or whatever it is called those creatures that come out from rice when there´s some humidity (steam) and warm (central heating). Not that I happened to see any, but just in case..

So off there went the rice to the bin and there went I in search of wood scraps. I eventually found it in a chinese bazaar near my house. Gosh, I think there´s nothing you can´t find in a chinese bazaar, but I must say I try to buy everything from local producers. Sadly, no one is producing hamster bedding in Madrid :-).


Ok, so filling it was a real pain in the ass: I tried with a plastic funnel, but the chunks wouldn´t pass. I then made a funnel with a sheet of paper and it was as useless. The solution was waiting for me in the bathroom (forgive my scatology), in the form of the rolled cardboard inside the toilet paper. I don´t even know how this thing is called in spanish hehe. With this, and a japanese stick I was able to fill it , pressuring woodies until it was filled up and I was fed up.

Well, I´m happy with the result: no fear of creatures now, and it doesn´t weight a ton anymore, althought I must admit the ham stuffed with rice (it smells good already hehe) was charming and could have been used as a secondary pantry. Just in case of rice shortage, you now.

The upper part is a real wool scrap (expensive), and the white thing is calico (cheap). So, well balanced at the end. The pattern I downloaded free somewhere in the internet and I used the triple stitch which I think it will be strong enough for the strain. By the way that stitch is great sor sewing pant crotches, or at least makes me feel more secure with my memadetightpants.

Oh, hi there doll, I was talking about you. Meet my friends!

Oh, hi there doll, I was talking about you. Meet my friends!

Notice not a word about my looong absence? Life got into my way, but I am currently recovering from an ankle sprain, thus can write a little bit. For your information, I have been learning a lot about sewing –most of the time theory–, but I managed to sew a Minoru and a vintage jean, with acceptable results, or so says my mother.  Thanks mom   ;-)!!

My resources have been mostly YOUR WONDERFUL blogs (all that were featured in Madalynnes Best sewing blogs 2014 and a few more ;-). I have followed this years´ Project Sewn wonderful edition —hi girls, you rock!, and am currently a fan of the Great British Sewing Bee second edition —oh, hi Patrick, you also elegantly rock!

Now that I review the post before publishing, I  find the title somewhat familiar…mmm right, it´s the same I say to myself when eating chocolate.

Best sewing wishes ladies and gentleman, (Peter)!

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9 Responses to There is always room for a little more…

  1. Thank you for the links! I’m going to enjoy checking them out. I want to see photos of your Minoru and jeans – wow, those are ambitious projects for a beginner.

    • cristina says:

      Oh thank you for reading and your lovely comment. I surely will post about the Minoru and the jeans. Problem is that I don´t like how I look in pictures, but I will do it! 🙂

  2. merche says:

    Hola!! Te acabo de responder en mi blog sobre lo de craftsy pero tenia que pasarme por aquí! Que alegría encontrarte! Me encanta todo lo que estas haciendo y tus entradas son muy divertidas…voy a seguir curioseando con tu permiso. Un beso!

  3. Carolyn says:

    Looks great, despite all the drama of filling it up! This reminds me I need to make my own tailor’s ham and sleeve board. : )

    • cristina says:

      That´s right, too much drama for a simple tailor´s ham…and I have almost a kg of that hamster bedding left. It sounds like I will have to sew another bigger one. L´horreur!! 🙂 I read a tutorial that filled the ham with T-shirt scraps, but… guess how many of them? Seven! :-o!!

  4. I made a ham last year and stuffed it with wood chips from the pet store! I had to stuff mine outside because i was getting it everywhere, and then ended up with little bits of wood shavings in random places for the next week. But it was totally worth it, I love my ham 🙂

  5. kokorimbaud says:

    It look very professional! I made one from an old bed sheet ages ago and stuffed it with paper … just recently I thought I should make a new one. Maybe now I will, seeing yours 😀

  6. It turned out great! I also spent ages filling mine with sawdust.

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