Finally the Bombshell

Hello people!

Just a few snapshots of my last creation the Bombshell swimsuit here. I followed the sew-along and everything went fine. I was able to understand the directions, but my sewing is not the finest… 🙂 My seams ending up being too bulky, I wasn´t lucky with the serger and returned to  my sewing machine´s zig-zag stitch, which I was more successful with (no broken needles this time). I guess the result will we neater if I happen to sew a second one, let´s say this first one is like an unwearable muslin.


I drafted my size with a little upgrade around the hips and it just fitted ok, except that I should have inserted some extra support like bikini cups, but I wanted to finish it so deadly (cause you have to use special needles in your machine, and it´s no use changing it every time) that I went straight to the end. In my favour I have to say that I have been ten days abroad for my summer holidays, so I haven´t been aall this time to finish it.

And the swimsuit looks like this:


Beautiful, isn´t it? 😉

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38 Responses to Finally the Bombshell

  1. Absolutly fabulous!

  2. grtescp says:

    I am not sure what is unwearable about it – it looks pretty good to me! The fabric is really lovely.

  3. sewbusylizzy says:

    That fabric is FABULOUS!!!!

  4. CurlsnSkirls says:

    Lovely suit – congrats!
    And thanks for stopping by me blog ~
    Abrazos, chica!

  5. Leila says:

    I love your suit. I hope you get to wear it.

  6. gingermakes says:

    Cute!! The fabric is such a great choice!

  7. It’s amazing and looks so good on you. Not sure i’m brave enough to sew a swimsuit!

  8. Gjeometry says:

    Your swimsuit looks so fabulous!! That’s so disappointing that it’s not wearable. I wonder if you can tweak it here and there so that it would work. Hope so, as it’s really nice.

  9. Pella says:

    It looks good to me, what’s not wearable about it? The fabric is brilliant with this style.

    • cristina says:

      Hi Pella. May be I´m a bit of a perfectionist (as my horoscope Virgo can confirm)
      I don´t like the bulky seams and also, don´t think the upper part of the swimsuit could stand the attack of an angy wave! 😀 😀

  10. ksgentry says:

    Found your blog today and saw your swimsuit! Must say it is a wonderful job, love the fabric! I look forward to following you to see what you create next!

    • cristina says:

      Oh, thank you very much. I´m planning to sew a T-shirt with some knit I bought on sale. I just can´t live without trying the twin-needle! 🙂

  11. Zoe says:

    It looks great, love the fabric!

    • cristina says:

      Yes, it was love at first sight…If only was it in woven besides in lycra…but it is not. I think this kind of fabrics are used for sports competitions, more than for swimsuits. That´s why they are so classy… 🙂

  12. shawnta715 says:

    I love the fabric!!! It looks great to me!!!

  13. Hi! thank you for youre comment on my blog:) Though, I am not quite shure which dress you are referring to? 😉

  14. By the way, youre bombshell swimsuit is tha bomb! 😉

  15. Smash Knits says:

    This is gorgeous!! I love the fabric you chose. Makes me want to pull my pattern out right now, but I’m saving it for January when it’s dreary and cold cold cold – what better time to sew a bathing suit? 🙂

  16. Smash Knits says:

    This is beautiful! Love the fabric you chose. Makes me so antsy to get cracking on my Bombshell, but I’m saving it for the middle of January when it’s dreary and bitter cold in the hopes it will cheer me up 🙂

  17. merche says:

    Madre mía, como me gusta! Ayer he tirado a la basura una licra preciosa porque no ha habido modo de transformarla en algo parecido a un bañador. Menos mal que existe la licra gordita que se trabaja mejor. Cuando sea capaz de hacer uno de estos seré muy feliz, lo sé!

    • cristina says:

      Pero bueno! si yo vi en tu blog varios posts con bikinis y bañadores! y muy bien cosidos, el bombshell te sale fabuloso seguroooo

  18. narami says:

    Precioso!! You que entalle!!!

  19. sewingpies says:

    It looks amazing!! Love the fabric you chose 🙂

  20. MarJeEva says:

    Your swimsuit is fabulous!! Fabric and pattern!

  21. SYLK flow says:

    What a perfect choice of pattern and fabric, a real diva- suit, looks great on you! Saludos. (I am looking for a sewing machine and ended up on your page 😉

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