Serging ain´t easy

Hello  readers!

How is summer going?

I´ve been preparing my holidays lately, so I limited my sewing hours to read your blogs. Honestly, there are posts that could be labeled as pieces of art , not only for their aesthetics,  but also for the great amount of useful information they provide.

So, why the title of this post? I had a terrible time while serging yesterday trying to sew the fabulous Bombshell Swimsuit (just if anynobody happens to not knowing what I´m talking about: beautiful swimsuit

I already showed you the fabric in  last post. I started with the brown and blue one (a colour combination I really love). The ruching process went nearly well, I made two rows of basting stitches in one back piece as directed, but  made just one in the other piece, for it was very difficult for me to gather the fabric with the two rows (may be the basting stitch should have been longer).

And then it came the part where I had to serge lining and fabric together, behhh… more or less…but when I had to serge the two back pieces together I broke two needles :-)… This is a four- layered and ruched-fabric seam. The machine got stucked twice, I almost couldn´t get  the fabric out of the machine. I even feared that I had broken something inside, hahahaha…Believe me, it was not funny!!

la foto (3)

The sandwich

I think for next models I´m going to hand-baste the pieceswith a blanket stitch and then serge the four layers just once, this way it will be a thinner layer and the machine won´t struggle. This is how it looks now:

la foto (2)

You can´t imagine how I felt this morning when I read this post (hello Shanni, your bomb is great!) and found that more people are having the same thoughts regarding the serging of the swimsuit:   Have you experienced this problems with the layers as well? How did you solve it?

As for the couture dress, I haven´t made any progress yet, since I don´t have the fabric, which I intend to be a winter woven,  and it´s  damn hot here in Madrid…

What I did is buying another sewing machine, this one a sturdy multi-purpose one. It is the matrimatic jubilee 4, second hand, which cost me 40 euros, with all the accesories and almost new:

matri-matic-jubilee4-250x250Carrefour sells the same model under its name also (Carrefour Home it´s called). It works perfectly, only that is much noisier than my Vikinga and can´t sew buttonholes in just one step.

And that´s it for today. I also wanted to share this picture with you because I find it astonishing. It´s Pamplona during San Fermín (did anybody hear about Hemingway?), a popular festival every july in Spain. It was over yesterday night:


San Fermín

How do you like it?

Happy sewing everyone!

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13 Responses to Serging ain´t easy

  1. Gjeometry says:

    Swimsuit is looking good! I just finished mine and blogged it, as the sun FINALLY shines here so Kitty and I could hit the beach and get some pics of it! Sorry to hear of your serging woes. I’m not sure what to tell you about the needles breaking part. I have never had a needle break on my overlocker (fingers crossed, not yet), although have many times on my sewing machine. It is usually due to the wrong needle or too thick fabric. You just have to make sure that the pieces you are serging together are both in the overlocker equally so that they ‘catch’ in the thread stitching and will hold.

    And, that festival in Spain looks super-awesome I wish so much I was there!!

    • cristina says:

      Yes, I read your post and was delighted with your swimmer kitty! how strange it is a cat loving to swim? I know because I have had some and they hated to get bathed. 🙂 Your swimsuit fits you perfectly and the animal prints are gorgeous. As for the needles, I will have to buy a whole pack of singer nº2022 just in case. I will resign myself:-/ Thanks for reading!

  2. gingermakes says:

    Your swimsuit is looking good! I had a few scary moments sewing all four layers together– my sewing machine didn’t wanna go over the other seams where it was super thick.

  3. sgsy says:

    Festival looks amazing! I don’t own a serger (it’s on my wishlist!) but it does sound really difficult. Hope you’ve got a store of needles lying around. 🙂

  4. stitchinstein says:

    Swimsuits are so fun to sew! I think I would try sewing all 4 layers together first with the regular sewing machine with a longer basting stitch then bring it to the serger. Use a 4 thread set up with wooly nylon in the upper and lower loopers. I can’t tell the thread you used but if it wasn’t wooly nylon that could be the reason. The needles need to be new, use a jersey tip or needle designed for knits. Test on a scrap first then I’d think you should be okay! Watch your bite width (too wide and it can get hard to make a curve).

    The other thing you can try is zig-zag the 4 layers, then cut down the inner two layers to reduce the bulk and then serge the outer edge with a 3 thread set-up. That way you’d only be serging two layers together.

    Good luck! It will look fabulous!

  5. cristina says:

    oh Cathy! thank you so much for your kind advice. I´ll try those techniques and see what happens…I´m using poly thread, and the needles are the ones that came with the serger. I will try to change them! (I thought I had already answered you, but I can´t see my comment) 🙂

  6. Pella says:

    I haven’t broken a needle in an overlocker (touching wood as I write), but then I do tend to give up and look for an easier way if the machine grumbles. The swimsuit looks great though.

    • cristina says:

      Thanks! I finally switched to the jubilee, which is sturdier (and cheaper). I´m on my way to finish it…It´s not only that I´m a slow sewer, but I´ve also been on holidays last ten days.. 🙂

  7. SYLK flow says:

    !Hola Cristina! ?How are you? I am still looking for a second hand Pfaff, Lewenstein/Janome or Husqvarna. But is it not easy to find a decent one in South of Spain. So I have my eyes on Matrimatic Jubilee. Are you still happy with yours? And have you tried sewing stretch and jeans fabric with the Jubilee? X, Syl.

    • cristina says:

      I sold it! Now if I were in need of a machine, I would look for Alfa next 40 or 45, not expensive, strong and well serviced all around Spain 🙂

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