Refashioning #1

Originally this was a dress. I bought it second hand in the flea market and cost me 3 euro. Unfortunately I don´t have a “before” picture but it had a white bodice full of flounces that added too much to my bust circumference. It was bare at the shoulders which I hae, since I can´t go braless and don´t like strapless bras at all. I did know I wasn´t going to wear it unless it had some surgery applied 🙂

So I decided to cut the bodice away and was left with this:


I realized suddenly that I didn´t have any matching fabric to construct a waistband (you know I´m a begginer and don´t have a stash yet). So I begun to panic thinking that it would end up thrown in the wastebin. Reading all your refashioning posts dear bloggers opened my eyes to an extent never seen. I could put ANY fabric, it only had to be original and well done…

And one day after work I headed my steps towards Tejidos Paredes and there it was! a beautiful green and white stars fabric I found myself among hundreds of bolts, because the assistant stuck into the idea of finding something matching the same shade of green and PLAIN.

This is the result after the refashion:Image

I followed Tilly´s tutorial about sewing a waistband in her MIETTE skirt pattern and it worked beautifully. I had to cut the zipper, cause it went from the skirt into the bodice, but I managed to insert it inside the new waistband. Had it underlined with termoadhesive fliselina and now is srong and crispy. As you can see I did the mistake of sewing the buttonhole in the opposite side, so the botton had to be inserted on the contrary as well 🙂 I dare say the result is even better, as anything is visible from the ouside:Image

By the way, first buttonhole ever and had no problem at all with la Vikinga. I think I just made the right decission when choosing her (because she is a ledy, right?). I,m sorry that I don´t have more pictures depicting the process, but a fortnight ago I did´t even know I was going to write a blog. Thanks god wordpress is easy as children tales.

And that´s it dear readers! How did you like my refashion?

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16 Responses to Refashioning #1

  1. rosepear says:

    I like this a lot! I think the stars work better than if you’d used a matching fabric, in fact.

  2. grtescp says:

    the contrasting fabric really takes this skirt from nice to fabulous – great refashion!

  3. There’s something rather nice about finding things that work. Especially when it is unexpected. Oh, and marrying that with the new sparkling sewing machine lol.

    Welcome to blogging Cristina.

    • cristina says:

      It´s so exciting! Everything from finding the right fabric for one specific garment to finally being able to wear it is fantastic!

  4. Love the stars! It is very right with the skirt and your work-womanship looks fabulous.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog; though I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed, as I don’t usually post about sewing; we are into refashioning a house at the moment and all my time is there…And yes, welcome to blogging…

    • cristina says:

      Applehill! Thank you very much for your kind words on the skirt! I do think the colors go together very right too. As for your home´s refashion, well, that´s another one of my hobbies, problem is that I only have one 🙂 So I will trace 😉 your proccess with pleasure.

  5. baum says:

    The skirt looks very nice! I like the star waistband a lot:-)

  6. Bunny says:

    This is cuuute! You’re really a beginner?

    • cristina says:

      Bunny, yes, I´m a beginner, I haven´t even finished a complete garment yet. I only did the waistband… but so happy with the results. Thank you for reading!

  7. frocksford says:

    I love the matching of the two patterns! Well done on the refashion.

  8. I think that’s a great refashion – and I do luuuurve the stars!

  9. sgsy says:

    Great choice of fabric for the waistband. The skirt looks fantastic!

  10. The contrasting fabric is a great choice…

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