There is always room for a little more…

Yes. that is what I thought this morning when stuffing my home-made taylor´s ham with wood scraps for hamsters bedding. I think I have been more than an hour patiently filling it, making a mess all over the place…

 I could have placed a tray...

I could have placed a tray…

I already had this ham done before, only that I had put rice inside, and besides beeing too heavy I was always afraid of little mosquitoes, or whatever it is called those creatures that come out from rice when there´s some humidity (steam) and warm (central heating). Not that I happened to see any, but just in case..

So off there went the rice to the bin and there went I in search of wood scraps. I eventually found it in a chinese bazaar near my house. Gosh, I think there´s nothing you can´t find in a chinese bazaar, but I must say I try to buy everything from local producers. Sadly, no one is producing hamster bedding in Madrid :-).


Ok, so filling it was a real pain in the ass: I tried with a plastic funnel, but the chunks wouldn´t pass. I then made a funnel with a sheet of paper and it was as useless. The solution was waiting for me in the bathroom (forgive my scatology), in the form of the rolled cardboard inside the toilet paper. I don´t even know how this thing is called in spanish hehe. With this, and a japanese stick I was able to fill it , pressuring woodies until it was filled up and I was fed up.

Well, I´m happy with the result: no fear of creatures now, and it doesn´t weight a ton anymore, althought I must admit the ham stuffed with rice (it smells good already hehe) was charming and could have been used as a secondary pantry. Just in case of rice shortage, you now.

The upper part is a real wool scrap (expensive), and the white thing is calico (cheap). So, well balanced at the end. The pattern I downloaded free somewhere in the internet and I used the triple stitch which I think it will be strong enough for the strain. By the way that stitch is great sor sewing pant crotches, or at least makes me feel more secure with my memadetightpants.

Oh, hi there doll, I was talking about you. Meet my friends!

Oh, hi there doll, I was talking about you. Meet my friends!

Notice not a word about my looong absence? Life got into my way, but I am currently recovering from an ankle sprain, thus can write a little bit. For your information, I have been learning a lot about sewing –most of the time theory–, but I managed to sew a Minoru and a vintage jean, with acceptable results, or so says my mother.  Thanks mom   ;-)!!

My resources have been mostly YOUR WONDERFUL blogs (all that were featured in Madalynnes Best sewing blogs 2014 and a few more ;-). I have followed this years´ Project Sewn wonderful edition —hi girls, you rock!, and am currently a fan of the Great British Sewing Bee second edition —oh, hi Patrick, you also elegantly rock!

Now that I review the post before publishing, I  find the title somewhat familiar…mmm right, it´s the same I say to myself when eating chocolate.

Best sewing wishes ladies and gentleman, (Peter)!

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Finally the Bombshell

Hello people!

Just a few snapshots of my last creation the Bombshell swimsuit here. I followed the sew-along and everything went fine. I was able to understand the directions, but my sewing is not the finest… 🙂 My seams ending up being too bulky, I wasn´t lucky with the serger and returned to  my sewing machine´s zig-zag stitch, which I was more successful with (no broken needles this time). I guess the result will we neater if I happen to sew a second one, let´s say this first one is like an unwearable muslin.


I drafted my size with a little upgrade around the hips and it just fitted ok, except that I should have inserted some extra support like bikini cups, but I wanted to finish it so deadly (cause you have to use special needles in your machine, and it´s no use changing it every time) that I went straight to the end. In my favour I have to say that I have been ten days abroad for my summer holidays, so I haven´t been aall this time to finish it.

And the swimsuit looks like this:


Beautiful, isn´t it? 😉

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Serging ain´t easy

Hello  readers!

How is summer going?

I´ve been preparing my holidays lately, so I limited my sewing hours to read your blogs. Honestly, there are posts that could be labeled as pieces of art , not only for their aesthetics,  but also for the great amount of useful information they provide.

So, why the title of this post? I had a terrible time while serging yesterday trying to sew the fabulous Bombshell Swimsuit (just if anynobody happens to not knowing what I´m talking about: beautiful swimsuit

I already showed you the fabric in  last post. I started with the brown and blue one (a colour combination I really love). The ruching process went nearly well, I made two rows of basting stitches in one back piece as directed, but  made just one in the other piece, for it was very difficult for me to gather the fabric with the two rows (may be the basting stitch should have been longer).

And then it came the part where I had to serge lining and fabric together, behhh… more or less…but when I had to serge the two back pieces together I broke two needles :-)… This is a four- layered and ruched-fabric seam. The machine got stucked twice, I almost couldn´t get  the fabric out of the machine. I even feared that I had broken something inside, hahahaha…Believe me, it was not funny!!

la foto (3)

The sandwich

I think for next models I´m going to hand-baste the pieceswith a blanket stitch and then serge the four layers just once, this way it will be a thinner layer and the machine won´t struggle. This is how it looks now:

la foto (2)

You can´t imagine how I felt this morning when I read this post (hello Shanni, your bomb is great!) and found that more people are having the same thoughts regarding the serging of the swimsuit:   Have you experienced this problems with the layers as well? How did you solve it?

As for the couture dress, I haven´t made any progress yet, since I don´t have the fabric, which I intend to be a winter woven,  and it´s  damn hot here in Madrid…

What I did is buying another sewing machine, this one a sturdy multi-purpose one. It is the matrimatic jubilee 4, second hand, which cost me 40 euros, with all the accesories and almost new:

matri-matic-jubilee4-250x250Carrefour sells the same model under its name also (Carrefour Home it´s called). It works perfectly, only that is much noisier than my Vikinga and can´t sew buttonholes in just one step.

And that´s it for today. I also wanted to share this picture with you because I find it astonishing. It´s Pamplona during San Fermín (did anybody hear about Hemingway?), a popular festival every july in Spain. It was over yesterday night:


San Fermín

How do you like it?

Happy sewing everyone!

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Muslining (?) and new projects

So, dear sewist-bloggers this is what I´ve working on this week (not very much I must admit):


This Vogue pattern was sent to me as a part of the Crafty class I´m enrolled in: The Couture Dress by Susan Khalje. A litle bit beyond my possibilities as a seamstress, but I strongly recommend it: it´s nice to see how sewing is properly done.

I´ve working in the muslin of the bodice and I have already put it together with some minor problems:

1. The middriff, which is cut on the bias has turned out a little bigger than the bodice´s upper parts, so I had to shirr-ruch some fabric in order to match seams. I swear I cut the right size for every piece, size 10, but may be the fact that is bias-cut has stretched out the fabric along the manipulation?

2. Couture sewing involves a huge amount of time, but it´s evry second worth it, a least for me, because I find tracing and cutting as interesting as machine sewing the dress. Learning to enjoy all the proccess is great and allows you to chose wich tecniques to use when sewing a particular garment.

3. Princess seam in the bodice has been kind of a nightmare to flatten and iron, until I looked the thrifted handmade dress I bought and came across the solution. What is, clipping the seams at the curved seams. —>beginner´s discoverings that gets you a lot of satisfaction.

You can see a review of his pattern here (note how beautifully matched the plaid is). I realize now that Kimp had the same problem with the middriff, but no hint of how she fixed it up.

As far as today, this is how it looks:


the puffy bodice

I haven´t received the tripod I ordered, so here it is the chair modeling the bodice and the blurry picture. All that puffiness is to be full with my “naturals”. I don´t understand why the front middriff piece is divided, I might redo it in one for the real dress.

So, I went on fabric shopping yesterday morning, not for this specific pattern, but messing around with remnants and scraps, and I found this two beatiful printed lycras for 10 euros:

8da1ebd2dbed11e2992f22000a1fb823_7 ae8ea6aadbed11e2ba9922000a1f9c9a_7

Don´t you find them a bit 50´s looking? The pics are not showing, but they are pretty brilliant colours. I love them! Any guess of what I have in mind? 🙂

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Refashioning #1

Originally this was a dress. I bought it second hand in the flea market and cost me 3 euro. Unfortunately I don´t have a “before” picture but it had a white bodice full of flounces that added too much to my bust circumference. It was bare at the shoulders which I hae, since I can´t go braless and don´t like strapless bras at all. I did know I wasn´t going to wear it unless it had some surgery applied 🙂

So I decided to cut the bodice away and was left with this:


I realized suddenly that I didn´t have any matching fabric to construct a waistband (you know I´m a begginer and don´t have a stash yet). So I begun to panic thinking that it would end up thrown in the wastebin. Reading all your refashioning posts dear bloggers opened my eyes to an extent never seen. I could put ANY fabric, it only had to be original and well done…

And one day after work I headed my steps towards Tejidos Paredes and there it was! a beautiful green and white stars fabric I found myself among hundreds of bolts, because the assistant stuck into the idea of finding something matching the same shade of green and PLAIN.

This is the result after the refashion:Image

I followed Tilly´s tutorial about sewing a waistband in her MIETTE skirt pattern and it worked beautifully. I had to cut the zipper, cause it went from the skirt into the bodice, but I managed to insert it inside the new waistband. Had it underlined with termoadhesive fliselina and now is srong and crispy. As you can see I did the mistake of sewing the buttonhole in the opposite side, so the botton had to be inserted on the contrary as well 🙂 I dare say the result is even better, as anything is visible from the ouside:Image

By the way, first buttonhole ever and had no problem at all with la Vikinga. I think I just made the right decission when choosing her (because she is a ledy, right?). I,m sorry that I don´t have more pictures depicting the process, but a fortnight ago I did´t even know I was going to write a blog. Thanks god wordpress is easy as children tales.

And that´s it dear readers! How did you like my refashion?

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From scratch

Well, I´ve been so long procrastinating this moment that I barely remember when I exactly purchased my brand new sewing machine, but it happened some day last march. Having taken only a two-hour beginner class at Teté´s home), I just sit and looked at my Viking, eyes wide opened during long time, whereas playing around with the manual.  I guess I´m already in love with almost every sewing machine, and like to read reviews and experiences, as well as features in every model. If you are already wondering which one I chose:


Mi Vikinga

Ta da!!! a beautiful Viking-Emerald 118! Nice, isn´t it?

With one-step buttonhole, variable stitch width and length , needle up and down and so on. It doesn´t have any decorative stitch, but I can sew jersey and make invisible hems, as well as overcasting and zig zag stitch.

What can I do with this machine?

What can I do with this machine?

I´ve been reading a lot of blogs to get some inspiration, but I could have been doing so forever, as I´m an introvert and perfectionist one. Until the time has come that  I have realized that if I don´t step forward I will never be able to look back and say, oh yes I DID IT.  Blogging is also something I´m going to begin with at this very first post.

My name is Cristina, I´m spanish, but I will blog in english, for the sewing world is much bigger outside our borders :-). So, please, enjoy any spanglish, feel free to comment (and correct) wathever you feel like- and… let´s have fun!

PS: by the way, how did you begin to sew? was it an “inherited” hability? Which sewing machine did you buy for your begginings?

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